Your key player on energy sector

The investment throughout the project’s life, from technical advisory, therefore, starting from its financing, to the basic and detailed design, construction and operation is supported in all fields, going from the energy sector (fossil and renewable sources) to the chemical sector, from power generation and utilities to pharma and food and beverage typical of the manufacturing industry.

Renewable and carbon transition

Carbon transition and renewable sources represent the present and the future of Pansoinco.

Oil & Gas

The world of oil and gas represents tradition for Pansoinco, the background of the past and the present.

Chemical and fertilizer plant

The context of the chemical and fertilizer industry constitutes the core business for Pansoinco in Italy and in the world.

Power & Utilities

Distributing electricity, cryogenic gases, steam and drinking water and disposing of wastewater in very disadvantaged areas is a very important challenge for the future.


The challenges of the global market oblige international industrial players to achieve process excellence.