Supports banks, funds and companies that intend to be technically advised in a significant investment initiative, analyzing the risks, advantages and disadvantages, the opportunities and all the satellite conditions of the project that impact on its feasibility and implementation in the energy and industrial context.

Conceiving the project

Exploiting, evaluating and verifying the underlying
  Partnership with investment funds and banks for project portfolio evaluation
  Technical-economic feasibility studies
  Performance maximization analysis
  Capex and Opex
  Management of development, enhancement, monitoring and reporting phases
  Due diligence for Merge & Acquisition operations
  Analysis of urban planning, construction and environmental compliance

Support to investments

Technical support to investors for the identification and definition of the best strategies for the enhancement of portfolios and development and investment projects, through preliminary analyzes and technical-economic feasibility studies, which identify among others and in a univocal way the approach to obtain a performance that maximizes results.

Feasibility and scenario studies

Project concept and management of the project definition phases and the achievement of the targets identified in the Business Plan and development of cost estimates (CAPEX and OPEX) with a view to the overall evaluation of the investment.
Review of the economic assumptions that shall be used for the simulation of the Business Plan, assuming performance optimization scenarios and verification of the adequacy of the project timeline and of costs development both in the construction and operating phases.

Management of investments

Management of the various stages of development, enhancement, monitoring and reporting and coordination and management of all the actors involved in various capacities in the investment projects; the monitoring and control of all phases of the enhancement process are aimed at identifying in advance the critical issues and assess the appropriate intervention methods intended for risk mitigation and sensitivity analysis on the fundamental parameters.

Due Diligence

Technical due diligence, functional to Merge & Acquisition (M&A) operations of projects under development and for project financing of future plants, plants in operation and to be relocated, and evaluation of any revision of the main project data, referring to both the construction and operation with particular attention to the completeness of the services offered by the Contractor and the related performance guarantees.

Technical assistance

Evaluation and verification of the technical aspects related to the issues of obtaining and maintaining the GSE incentives and the analysis of the technical aspects related to the procedures for connecting to the electrical network and regulatory compliance; support in the preparation and evaluation of the technical aspects of the main project contracts (EPC, O&M, Security, Asset Management Insurance, PPA).