From a technical point of view, Pansoinco oversees all phases of engineering and construction from conception to commissioning of the plant, having great internal experience and knowledge and resorting to its own network of consultants who assist customers with the required know-how.
Technical assistance can be provided to the investor, construction company or end user, in legal, managerial, organizational and technical terms.

Make the project real

Engineer and build the project until its delivery.
  Support for issuing permits and technical management of control bodies
  Conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility and detailed engineering
  Construction management
  HSE engineering
  Precommissioning, commissioning and start-up

Legal and Permissions Engineering

Planning of site surveys, verification of road and port viability, accessibility to the construction site with transport logistics analysis, issuing of building permits and technical dialogue with the control bodies during the engineering and construction phases; this includes plants commissioning, the technical management of relations with the control bodies and verification of legal obligations (PED, ATEX) and the assessment of the compliance of the buildings with the project as per the sector regulations.
Finally, support is guaranteed for the preparation of Safety Reports (RdS) in accordance with the Seveso Laws, including assistance during the preliminary stages with the competent authorities.

Multidisciplinary Engineering

Development of multidisciplinary engineering from the concepts phase to feasibility and the subsequent development of detailed deliverables with assessment of constructability; in this context, process and feasibility studies are developed with the production of preliminary documentation PFD and P & lD (flow Assurance), plot plans and mass and energy balances and subsequent drafting of detailed documents such as mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumental technical specifications with technical supplier alignment and assistance for tenders.
In addition to the development of traditional engineering, structural analyzes of equipment and systems, stress and thermal analysis, stability and fluid dynamics checks and 3D modeling of systems are added.

Safety Engineering

Development, management and supervision of HSE activities in the design and construction phase such as hazardous area classification (HAC), HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA, FTA analysis and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) allocations and verifications; in addition to simulations of fire and explosion, dispersion of gases and combustion fumes, the requirements for passive (fire resistance) and active (fire protection systems) protection are defined, active/ passive fire prevention systems are designed, as well as developing risk analyzes for falling objects and identification of critical safety elements.
The plant reliability, availability and maintainability analyzes support the project to define the changes needed during engineering.

Construction Engineering

Project management including verification of the work progress and its compliance with the time schedule agreed with the Contractor; construction management and safety coordination in the design and execution phase and procurement support, management of services and materials purchases and claims against suppliers; in this context, services are also guaranteed relating to the verification of manufacturing programs, expediting, inspections and tests at the supplier’s (FAT) and Pressure equipment management, inspection test plan and assessment of compliance with current legislation (DM 329) with coordination of activities in terms of procedures, NDT and verification of personnel requirements.

Commissioning & Start-up

Once the plant has been delivered and the mechanical completion validated, Pansoinco is able to ensure testing services, attended tests, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up by providing operational procedures, check-lists, coordination and resources in the field. A spare parts stock, operational and maintenance training and the delivery of O&M manuals are also contemplated and characterizes our business package.